Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

Release Date: 2020-12-02
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Like the energy between spring and summer,

all the living creatures make sounds according to the laws of nature,

Did you hear that?

With the rapid pace of urban life, AEVUM hopes that 

people could 'consciously slow down', and find their own rhythm.

create Me Time at any time,

and return peace to inner self.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

'It's never a waste of time to keep your family accompanied'

People should consciously leave from the complicated surroundings for a while,

take care of their own life and spiritual destination,

and enjoy comfortable relationship.

This is the indispensable 'worldly way' in life.

If you put your heart into it, you may find poetic moments in your daily life.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

'Go Out With Someone YOU Like'

Developing a balanced and healthy lifestyle,

in your private space and time,

you can write romantic spring stories with someone you like.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

“Your private space and time”

You can have a drink in the afternoon,

enjoy a movie in the evening,

stare blankly on weekends,

or just enjoy a short period of solitude and meditation.

Everyone has the right to slow down and enjoy their private space and time.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

AEVUM designed an exclusive mental method of

'No Analysis, No Judgment, No Stereotype',

shows due respect to everyone's external posture and internal mentality,

and uses pure energy output and massage to meet people's real demands.

This is a high-quality process of enjoying Me Time,

just relax, and enjoy gentle and comfortable life.

Recommended AEVUM “Me Time” Skin Care

1/ Italian Oxygen Injection Skin Care

The cells at the bottom of the skin will be activated, and the skin will breathe freely, glittering the luster.  

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

2 / Fotona 4D Pro

It is imported from outside to inside to activate collagen regeneration, and the facial contour becomes tight and smooth.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

3 / Spanish Swan Neck Care

Multiple active essences are injected into skin bottom. The neck skin is moisturized and brightened, becoming firm and energetic.

Slow down and create some 「Me Time」

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