AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center Launch Ceremony | Symphony Feast

Release Date: 2019-11-21
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November 21, 2019

Park Hyatt Shenzhen

AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center Launch Ceremony Was Held Grandly 

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center Turned a New Chapter at the Launch Ceremony

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

During the interactive sessions on the site, various devices were started to

perform their best functions,

and they grabbed attention from a large number of celebrities. 

Surprise gifts were distributed after the game.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

Joy Tsang, founder of AEVUM, delivered a speech.

As the founder of AEVUM, she shared

her experience about witnessing the decline of appearance with age.

Remaining true to her original aspiration, which is to create beauty of body and mind, she continuously made progress in the industry,

and decided to address higher beauty demands of customers through aesthetic medical service.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

A team of top international expert doctors with rich clinical experience from Japan, Taiwan of China, Singapore, and China 

shared their aesthetic concept of natural beauty and embracing one's own unique beauty

with all the celebrities on the site.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

Ms. Li, General Manager of AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center, shared some selected aesthetic medical service projects.

With many years of experience in aesthetic medical service field, she can provide

customers with aesthetic medical service that complies with the highest standards.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

Live Show |Transformation of Employees from AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center

AEVUM employees actively experienced our aesthetic medical skin care a few months ago,

in order to provide customers with the sincerest guarantee and recommendation.

After undergoing tremendous changes, 

they displayed their own unique beauty on the stage.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

AEVUM Aesthetic Medical Center was

officially established. The launch ceremony was attended by senior executives, expert doctor team and celebrities, with wonderful symphony performance on the site.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

Mr. Angelo Castagneto, a pianist and songwriter from Latin America, played the classic nostalgic music Besame Mucho, which is also reputed as the most popular Spanish language song ever

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

Celebrities on the site were deeply touched by the Blue Danube Waltz,

imagining that they were following the melodious notes 

and drifting on the beautiful Blue Danube.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, 

wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, 

and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.

It is the essence of order, 

and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful.”

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

The motto of AEVUM is to create beauty of body and mind.

We hope that all the people who form ties with AEVUM 

could maintain external beauty and stay healthy,

while getting nourishment and plenty of joy.

奥斯芬医疗美容发布会 | 交响乐盛宴

We have witnessed the magic power of medical skin care,

listen to the enchanting music carefully,

and help customers pursue happiness with the sincerest heart.

In the future, we would like to go hand in hand with you to create beauty of body and mind together.

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