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    Creating Beauty of Body and Mind


    Pure and organic ORiNERGiE essential oil products

    are extracted from natural plants in the best producing area.


    As the classic work of aromatherapy masters,

    it forges the miracle of skin aromatherapy.


    The beauty of body and mind is the perfection.

    By smelling and massage with essential oil, your body and mind will be healed.

    You can feel natural plant energy

    and find your true self.



    Brand Introduction


    ORiNERGiE brand is based on French medical aromatherapy.

    By carefully extracting pure and organic essential oil products from natural plants in best place of origin, and bringing the gift of nature to customers through diversified application methods, we can effectively remove physiological and psychological problems of customers, and enable them to enjoy attentive care and awaken the beauty of body and mind.

    With authorized international aromatherapy R&D team and a natural therapy academy with international aromatherapy qualification, we have become one of the few professional aromatherapy brands with precious white rose essential oil in the market.

    Brand Inspiration


    We firmly believe that nature has far-reaching and enormous power. With the emergence of viruses, and the wide application of antibiotics, human beings have great dependency on drugs and suffer from more diseases... The best solution is to return to nature. Plants exist hundreds of millions of years earlier than human beings. They began to emerge and flourish when the earth was still in the wilderness. After experiencing countless seasons, they carry forward all the wisdom and information that the universe wants to convey, and are full of vitality. As the soul of plants, essential oil is the aromatic substance that plants accumulate in their body by converting the sun's energy over countless seasons.

    A bottle of essential oil is full of botanical life energy and motive force, which can stimulate people's inner vitality. We extract the powerful essential oil to heal body and mind, that is, making use of valuable energy of plants to prevent and cure diseases. Meanwhile, we also believe that plants can communicate with human beings, and their fragrance can soothe our mind. Therefore, ORiNERGiE not only makes use of the healing power of essential oils to achieve the desired physiological effect, but also enables people to get close to nature without going outdoors, and truly relax their body and mind with the fragrance of essential oil.



    Brand Vision


    We are committed to

    1.promoting the harmonious coexistence of plants and human beings, enabling people to feel the healing power of plants, helping people become healthy and happy;

    2.creating more jobs;

    3.making due contributions to revitalizing China's agricultural base.

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